Brent Meyer

A few screens from my time at

During my time at BuddyMedia I had the opportunity to design several products that were used by social media marketers at some of Fortune 500's biggest companies. It was a cycle of adding features, revising products, integrating new features as expectations grew, and designing completely new products.

Analytics 3.0

Analytics 3.0 was a large undertaking. It was a ground up redesign of Buddy­Media's entire analytics offering. The goal was to go from static reports to modular components that could be quickly combined to create new reports.

ConversationBuddy 2.0 (early concept design explorations)

While I didn't get to design the final Conversation­Buddy product, I did get to participate in some of the early explorative design. ConversationBuddy was meant to be the TweetDeck/Hootsuite of BuddyMedia's product offering.