Brent Meyer

(a redesign)


That red is intense.

(It may not seem like it but that's how a redesign starts. Sort of.)

In 2015, Crowdtap's UX team was in a bind. They were struggling to fit new features into an old, unattractive, and clumsy product.

While updating a core piece of the product, the team realized it couldn't shoehorn more into the current design; it would've been terrible.

That was our chance.

And it started with that crazy red.

My most important responsibilities were closer to the top of the funnel—a welcome view, first time user flow, and the “starting” page of the product experience.

Once beyond the landing page, a user is greeted with a brief introduction that begins to explain the Crowdtap experience. After that, the user is sent to the “Portal” with only one activity—or Mission—available. This extended welcome flow allowed a user to immediately begin using and interacting with the product while still learning how to use it.

Welcome back to Crowdtap

From red to blue

The welcome experience aims to do two things—set expectations for the product experience and capture some additional user info.

A place to interact with the brands who make a lot of the products you use.

After completing an interactive onboarinding experience—using the product itself—users are set free on the Portal page (above). It's where users can find the brands and the activites Crowdtap offers.

A brief look at some of the components

Crowd Cards