Brent Meyer

Hey, you're awesome

How often do you let the people around you know that you appreciate them?

The first start up I worked for was in a coworking space. The team was small enough to fit at a single table. It meant every conversation was a company-wide conversation.

One of my coworkers had taken point on a project and knocked it out of the park. When one of the cofounders saw it, he gave her tremendous praise. It was heart warming to see that kind of appreciation in a work setting. It was refreshing.

Why don't we all do that more often?

So I thought, why not make this easier… and more whimsical?

When I discovered the URL,, was available (this might sound familiar) I took it as a sign. One of the core design goals was for the URLs to read as close to a sentence as possible.

The app itself is simple. It's two pages—a form to collect all the information and customize the URL and the actual page that displays the greeting.

My favorite part of the project was building the interactive form.

Hey, You're Awesome is a small PHP application built by my younger, more carefree self. There's a bit of jQuery on the front end to jazz everything up.