Brent Meyer

A sprint with

and @danberko

Mental health is important

And we all have plenty going on that negatively affects it. Using Cognitive Reframing, Koko's users help each other by breaking down problems and offering new perspectives.

It's really amazing to see in action.

Koko approached Dan and me with a sprint they needed to wrap up; it was a rush job before a holiday weekend (yikes). When they sent us the beta app, we poked around and immediately knew we had to help.

Seeing a community of people who are helping one another—just for the sake of helping—is rare and special.

I couldn't turn down an opportunity to serve that kind of audience.

Safeguarding the community

While the MVP features were already built—the feed, posting, reframing, liking reframes—the lack of any kind of peer moderation meant that scaling up while preserving the quality of the community would be tricky.

Our first task was to fit a peer moderation flow into the existing UI.


New users' reframes must be reviewed by an existing, experienced user. Until that happens they are visible, in a queue, to everyone except the user whose post is being reframed.


A user who approves a reframe can approve it as-is or remix it if they feel it needs some tweaking. This will publish the remixed reframe with a link to the original, too.


Preserving context

Since so much of the user experience revolved around reading users' posts and composing/editing responses, preserving the context of the original became an important requirement.


Composing reframes also needed a touch up. Users needed the option to toggle peer reviews on/off for their post. Users reframing for the first time have peer reviews defaulted on (and cannot toggle them off until they have reframed a few posts).


The ability to reference the original post while composing a reframe was missing, too. We solved this by showing a snippet of the original post which can be expanded on tap.

A few extra screens

The remix compose (which should look familiar) and a first time post message