Brent Meyer

and the Kokobot

Following my previous work with Koko, they began testing a chatbot integration for messaging services. Their original product was a social network built around peer to peer mental health help, using cognitive reframing as a tool to see problems differently and understand them better. The chatbot offered the same core proposition with a simpler, more direct chat-based user experience.

The Kokobot became the user's guide to the service—whether that was getting some help for themselves or helping out someone else—and it was a hit! This meant that Koko's native app needed to be refreshed for their new chat based experience. Once again, I was thrilled to work with Koko and help a community that was dedicated to helping one another.

Say “Hi,” Kokobot!

While interacting directly with the bot, the user is presented with a variety of canned responses that advance the conversation.

When a user responds to another user, they do so in a freeform manner using their keyboard to type out their response.

With a persistent input element and the possibility of up to four canned responses, showing both a keyboard and the canned responses was impossible. This meant that the transition between these two states needed to be clear and purposefully designed.