Brent Meyer


While redesigning Launch by LegalShield's LLC Questionnaire...

…the team realized that there was an opportunity to build a tool to allow quick and easy creation of questionnaires for other business entities and for other LegalShield products in general.

The goal for the tool was to provide a GUI for creating the structure of questionnaires without dictating what the UI of the created questionnaires would be.

Since we couldn't know how the questionnaires would be used I had to build the tool with scalability in mind—knowing that more functionality would come as more internal products used it.

A close look at the Questionnaire Builder

The key elements are a left rail that hold drag and drop form elements, a collapsible top section for pages, and a sidebar that slides out to configure the metadata of each question.

The page bar

The element sidebar

Question meta info panel

Placed form elements

A few more looks